The Mass Scorecard started by publicizing the voting records of all Massachusetts legislators in comparison to the Democratic Party platform. It is a major means of achieving open government and issue-based accountability. We passed a party platform amendment in 2003 to implement it and are working towards that end.

We made an agreement with the Public Policy Committee of the Massachusetts Democratic Party to implement a version called the Platform Support Card by Sept. 1, 2004. The Democratic party leadership failed to meet that deadline. We need your help to overcome obstacles within the Democratic Party and as a show of support, for future implementation of the Mass Scorecard. We are asking for endorsements by Democratic Committees and political groups, as well as for individual sign-ups to show widespread support. With your support, we will achieve implementation within the Democratic Party next year.

Press Clippings

Top 100 ranked web sites

Election week 2000: Massscorecard ranked 18th overall for all political web sites.

6. vote-smart.org: State candidates

7. voter.com: Political advocacy

10. speakout.com: Political advocacy

13. townhall.com: Conservative politics

18. Massscorecard.org: Candidates’ views

20. opensecrets.org: Campaign finance info

22. gwbush.org: Bush parody site

24. intellectualcapital.com: Political opinion

27. lwv.org: League of Women Voters

8. nra.org: National Rifle Association

9. aclu.org: American Civil Liberties Union

15. aarp.org: American Assoc. of Retired Persons

16. sierraclub.org: Sierra Club (environmental)

19. heritage.org: The Heritage Foundation (think tank)

23. motherjones.com: Mother Jones (policy magazine)

25. now.org: National Organization for Women

26. nrlc.org: National Right to Life Committee

1. whitehouse.gov: The White House

2. senate.gov: U.S. Senate

3. house.gov: House of Representatives

4. nara.gov: National Archives

5. algore.com: Al Gore for President

11. fec.gov: Federal Election Commission

12. democrats.org: Democratic Party

14. rnc.org: Republican Party

17. votenader.com: Ralph Nader for President

21. lp.org: Libertarian Party

28. georgebush.com: George Bush for President

Numbers indicate rank overall of the top 28 political web sites. Bold entries are Massscorecard’s corporate affiliates.

The Dallas Morning News

Cast your cursors on these election sites
by Tim WyattNov. 2, 2000

Forget the voters guide, don’t bother with editorial endorsements and, no matter what you do, don’t turn on the television set. The Web has all the answers when it comes to finalizing Netizens’ ballot lineup for Election Day. Pardon us for getting caught up in the hype. It’s just that we find sizing up candidates online is easier, cheaper and less invasive than more traditional methods of convincing voters. A few of these sites might even sway the undecided – that is, if they remembered to register for Tuesday.

Issues 2000

For those still undecided, this is one site where every single presidential candidate – and we mean all 14 of them – gets his platform posted for the masses. Here’s where virtual dark horses such as Harry Browne, John Hagelin, David McReynolds and Howard Phillips get equal billing with Al Gore and George W. Bush (or Mr. Bush and Mr. Gore, to be fair). Read up on their opinions on gun control, abortion, government reform, foreign policy and much more – that is, much more rhetoric than could possibly be taken in by Election Day. Hit the Grid tab for a quick visual of where candidates stand on the big issues – left, right, Libertarian, centrist or populist.

Los Angeles Times

Candidate e-Quizzes
by Massie Ritsch

Oct. 26, 2000

Online Candidate Selectors: review of Massscorecard:


  • “Every presidential candidate on every issue”
  • The good: You come away with a candidate and a pithy label.
  • The bad: If your pet issue is not on the questionnaire, you’re out of luck.
  • Bottom line: The quiz is good, but the background information on issues and candidates is even better.

The selector on Massscorecard.org and its parent company, SpeakOut.com at http://www.speakout.com, features presidential candidates Republican George W. Bush, Democrat Al Gore and five of the major third-party candidates. The survey includes 20 statements in four policy groups: individual rights, domestic issues, economic issues and defense and international issues.Quiz-takers indicate their support or opposition to the statements on a five-point scale, then indicate how important the overall issue group is to them.Weighting the issues satisfies voters who have a litmus test for their candidate, Gordon said, and would drop him if he disagreed with them on that single issue.For every statement on which the quiz-taker and the candidate match up exactly–or come close–the candidate’s score increases.Researchers for VoteMatch and other similar programs determined the candidates’ positions by combing campaign Web sites, speeches and news stories. With the quiz’s results, there are links to candidates’ position papers and biographies.Along with churning out a compatible candidate, VoteMatch assigns its participants one of about 20 political labels: “moderate libertarian liberal,” for example, or “hard-core conservative.”For voters who have already settled on a candidate, the selector can be a way of confirming their choice. The affiliation label–with explanation–is “an interesting talking point,” Gordon said.


June 22, 2000

SpeakOut.com Acquires Massscorecard.org

Political activist Web site SpeakOut.com said it is acquiring political news site Massscorecard.org of Cambridge, Mass., for an undetermined amount of cash and stock. The two sites should be fully integrated in a month, District-based SpeakOut.com said.

“The excellent research provided by Massscorecard, will be rapidly integrated into SpeakOut’s features to provide users with a comprehensive and quick way to research the candidates,” SpeakOut.com Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ron Howard said in a statement issued late Wednesday.

“Speakout.com gives us relevance beyond the November elections,” said Naomi Lichtenberg, president and CEO of Massscorecard.org.