8 Benefits of Taking Piano Lessons as an Adult

Many people may have this belief that only children have the opportunity to learn how to play piano but that is not the case. Learning the piano is open to everyone interested and can be learned with time and practice. Just because you are not a kid does not mean you will take longer to understand what is taught. If you want to take the classes then go ahead and do it. However, some people may wonder if they have to share classes with kids. Well, you could enroll in private adult piano classes and get to enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

It is all up to you and how much you are willing to put into this new learning journey.

Benefits of Taking Piano Classes

Improves your memory

Learning the piano includes getting to know when a note is in tune or not, reading music and being able to play it as it is and also getting to learn the different types of rhythm. All these will definitely stimulate your brain because you are engaging it with something new and challenging. Having to remember all this each time you are about to play will improve your memory and keep you active.

Reduces stress

Playing the piano provides the same effect as being in a meditative state. You produce biochemical stress reducers that significantly reduce your stress levels. Having some time out of your busy life to play the piano will relieve you. We all know that not everything goes well in our day, there are times when we just feel defeated and so stressed up. While playing the piano you will be able to think clearer and come up with solutions for your current problem.

Relieve stress while learning pianoChannels your creativity

Taking piano lessons helps you understand notations, different rhythms, and composition of different songs. Once you have learned all these and have gotten used to playing the piano you can start experimenting. Channel your creativity by playing songs in your own unique way. You could also go the extra mile and write your own music and play it. Do the necessary revisions required and consult your music teacher. You may be surprised at how talented and creative you really are.

Exercises your muscles

You will be making use of your hand while playing the piano and this will be a great exercise for your muscles. However, to properly develop your muscles you will require a professional teacher to help get your piano game right.

Learning the piano also involves the two hands playing different notes at different intervals and mastering this is amazing. You are also required to use your foot while playing. This goes to show that playing the piano is a very good exercise not only for your hands but also your brain for the coordination required.

Improves the quality of life

Since playing the piano reduces your stress levels, you are bound to have a better life right? Well, this is true and it also touches on anxiety, depression, and loneliness. It is so easy for one to wallow in their own misfortunes that they forget to live their lives. Going for piano classes brings back the meaning of your existence which pushes you to forge on and not give up no matter what.

Your life is what you make of it so if you want it better, put in the work and it will be better.

Boosts your self-esteem

We all walk with our heads held high when we perform well in something and our results are visible. Well learning something new will definitely give you that confidence. Having learned to play the piano you are able to interact with people in the music scene and not sound like a fool. When you attend a function and you are asked to fill in for the person who would have played the piano, you are able to easily do that.

You develop great self-esteem because you have accomplished something that you had set your mind to. Despite any problems along the way, you were able to shine in your skills for the piano. Such confidence will definitely rub off on others and influence them to challenge themselves to something new as well.

Improves your social life

Through your instructors or other people learning the piano, you are able to meet new people and engage in meaningful conversations. Once you have perfected your skills you could consider playing for parties and other events. This will open up avenues for you and you may become a member of a reputable band/orchestra. In all these events you will find people who are interested in learning more about you and your journey. Be social and help all those in the search for any information or guidance you have.

Managing time while learning an instrument as an adultDiscipline and time management

You have to accept the fact that, learning to play the piano will take some time and you need to be very patient. Having the self-discipline to continue working hard at it no matter how you feel is what will make you great and stand out.

Since it requires a lot of time and practice, you have to come up with a schedule. Plan out when you will need to take the classes and stick to your plans. Practice makes perfect so do not be discouraged by anything on your journey to becoming a great pianist.

It is without a doubt that learning the piano has a lot of benefits and is suitable for all ages. Being an adult your brain is more developed and you have better recall and attention span than children. This only shows that it is easier for adults to learn the piano than it is for kids. So be sure to stick with it and don’t give up with an excuse of it being too hard. You will only prove yourself to be inferior to kids. Just put in the effort and the number of hours required to practice and you will get to your goal.