Is Copywriting All Hype, or the Ultimate Sales Skill?

August 25, 2019

We all buy into it at some point or another. “Hype” on many levels, fascinates people. Nobody can claim to be completely unaffected by the ways we tend to over-promote products, services, and even other people. Think about what you read, see, and hear on a daily basis. Sports fans hype up big-ticket athletes, the media hypes up ridiculous political stories, business analysts hype up companies and stocks, and teenage girls promote makeup and trends on social media websites. Copywriters everywhere use the “skill” of hype to generate web traffic, find new customers, and generate sales.

In recent years, the explosion of online e-commerce websites has increased the demand for skilled copywriters, in particular, those with track records of high conversion rates and online marketing success. In other words, businesses hire copywriters that turn both paid and organic web traffic into leads, revenue streams, and sales. Not only does copywriting increase cash flow, but it also helps sites rank higher within search engine results pages due to higher keyword density, relevant tagging, and SEO-friendly content that millions of searches lead to on a daily basis.Is Copywriting All Hype or the Ultimate Sales Skill

The growing increase in the need for copywriters is something that many business owners remain unaware of. If you are a small business owner looking for the right way to improve sales through e-commerce websites or traditional media such as direct mail, you can save valuable time by outsourcing website content to a talented copywriter. You want to spend the least amount of money to generate the highest response possible. When it comes to non-brick and mortar sales, it’s always copied, not products, that close the deal.

Most copywriters focus on creating a direct response for a specific product as opposed to giving out a broad message in general terms. For instance, a company selling sporting goods may have general, descriptive details listed about their products, however, a copywriter will take this basic information and transform it into a compelling message that deeply connects with a targeted demographic. In other words, a talented copywriter makes a boring or ordinary product sound amazing.

Here is a demonstration of the powerful effects of copywriting using two descriptions of the same product. Which is more compelling?

All-Weather Hiking Boots

Enjoy your next family vacation or time on the trails with BeDry™ All-Weather Hiking Boots to keep you dry. Many sizes are available. Selections may vary by store.

Trail-Tested, All-Weather Hiking Boots with BeDry™ Technology

Protect yourself from harmful elements or nagging foot conditions with amazing BeDry™ technology. These world-class hiking boots have proven their ruggedness through Alaskan winters, rain forest expeditions, and even on hikes to the peak of Mt. Everest. Travel with peace of mind and hike comfortably in virtually any environment.Is Copywriting All Hype or the Ultimate Sales Skill


What a difference the right words can make! The first rendition is a boring, uneventful description that does not further the sales process. The second description brings the product to life and provides real-world examples of durability and accomplishments. It enhances the product and succeeds in furthering the sales process.

You can learn how to become a successful copywriter by reading a copywriting book or searching online for helpful resources.




6 Things You Should Know Before Going Gluten-Free

June 29, 2019

Everyone has a reason behind their decision to start their journey on a gluten-free diet. However, some of the reasons are simply not viable, and for some, they just don’t realize the other sacrifices they’ll be making.

As they always say “to each their own” but it is always better to have the right information rather than get disappointed in the end.

What you should know

  • Losing weight is not a guarantee

Going gluten-free means that you cut out all the carbs and replace them with healthier whole grain meals. This, in a very significant way, means fewer calories for you which means that you could potentially lose weight if you incorporate exercise too.

Friends support while on gluten-free dietHowever, for most people being on a gluten-free diet means, replacing the gluten-containing meal with their gluten-free version. This is by no means healthy eating for weight loss because you may end up ingesting more sugars and added fats, which translates to more calories and may lead to an increase in weight.

It is important that you know this to ensure you make conscious choices when it comes to gluten-free meals

  • Get tested for celiac disease

For many people trying out new diets is like a hobby to them. They enjoy the test drive then later ditch it for something else down the line. However, if you find yourself feeling better on a gluten-free diet than any other, then you need to see a doctor. This is to get tested to confirm if you have the autoimmune disease called celiac or not.

Since you are not as serious with this diet, it is important to find this out to avoid slacking off and making things worse. If you are indeed sick, then it is required of you to continue on this diet to ensure you don’t expose yourself to the risk of developing other autoimmune diseases.

  • Certified gluten-free products

If you really are serious about being on a gluten-free diet, then you need to realize that you cannot just simply rely on the ingredients list. Some of these companies may lie by way of omission, and your unsuspecting self will have the meal and trigger your gluten sensitivities.

You should only trust foods that are labeled gluten-free, certified gluten-free or go the extra mile and call the company to double check with them to ensure their products are gluten-free.

The other way that these ingredients are masked is by writing names of ingredients that the consumer does not understand. A product may have used wheat, but in the ingredients list, it is given a different scientific name that the common man would hardly even recognize and point out.

  • Consistency

For sure it will not be easy to keep up on this gluten-free journey but if you are determined and have a strong reason why you started it then you can push through. There will be a lot of temptations to have a cheat meal once in a while but always ask yourself how far behind that takes you. I’m sure that you will be able to decide whether the cheat meal is worth it or not.

There are also those days when you’re indoors, and you don’t want to cook, but all you are thinking of is binge eating all the food in the house including the gluten meals. However, it is very easy to avoid this by ordering food and having it delivered. Luckily there are a few companies that deliver gluten-free meals to your door. With these companies, you are assured of great quality food that has not by any chance been contaminated.

  • Get rid of all the gluten-containing meals

Doing this should be the first thing on the agenda. Take your time and go through your pantry, fridge, and drawers. Make sure that anything that contains gluten is thrown out or donated. By doing this, you reduce the chances of falling back to a gluten diet by a significant amount.

Temptations are real, and it is very important to keep them away because once the cravings kick in you won’t be able to control it. Do this until you are at least able to say no to the amazing deliciousness that is.

  • May lead to some nutritional deficiencies

Some of the foods you will be avoiding contain amazing nutrients that are useful in your body. Bread and cereals are really good sources of vitamin B, but since you are gluten free, you miss out on this. There are many substitutes that you can eat, but they are not fortified with the vitamin in any way.

The best thing to do is get gluten-free multivitamin supplements to facilitate the availability of the missing vitamins and ensure you do not lack. The emphasis on gluten-free vitamins means that you should also be careful of your vitamins and supplements. They could contain gluten which is why the labels are so important.

A gluten-free diet is preferably done by people who understand the reason why they are on this diet and are willing to keep pushing. Having your why is important, but you also need to make sure that it is of accurate information and that you are not misled by all the information out here.

Be very selective of the concepts you digest and where you get your information from. The best place is on the celiac disease website. Then discuss many of these things and to learn more about the journey you are on.

Take your time and be patient with yourself always.

Appliance Cleaning Tips to Prevent the Need for Repairs

February 9, 2019

There are plenty of electrical appliances in the kitchen to reduce your workload. Everyone who sets his/her foot in the kitchen depends on these appliances to get the work fast and quickly done. And during the festive time, the pressure on you and these appliances starts to build up.

Are you very particular about cleaning these appliances? Or do you neglect them despite overusing them?

The appliances in the kitchen are used extensively, so they are required to be cleaned with each use. Otherwise, they may stop working at any time and create unnecessary panic. The regular cleaning is the key for their prevention from untimely repairs in the future. If we follow a tried and tested routine, we can keep the appliances in good shape. Routine maintenance and care can even prolong the life of these appliances.

Let us discuss some ways to maintain these home appliances:

  1. Refrigerator Maintenance

Maintaining your kitchen appliancesThe refrigerators are the soul of the kitchen with each unused item packed in the fridge for the next day use.

To avoid fridge repairs, the first thing to take care is the cleaning of refrigerator coils. The coil collects dirt, grease, and debris with the passage of time. So, they tend to overheat the appliance and ultimately its breakdown.

For the efficient working of the refrigerator, the coils are cleaned. After unplugging the refrigerator, the grill is snapped off and vacuum with the brush attachment.

Secondly, the greasy door gaskets should be cleaned. If they become grimy, the air space which is created between the door seal causes leakage. Use soapy water and dry them completely. Avoid any detergent leftover so that the door doesn’t get damaged.

After outer cleaning is done, the inner areas need complete cleaning from time to time. This will eventually stop bacteria breeding inside the refrigerators. The food stored needs to be fresh and free of any pest infestation. This is why it is recommended to clean the inside of the fridge every few months.

Even with all the care, if it is found that there is some kind of noise produced in the compressor, it’s better to call a technician before it is too late.

  1. Dishwasher Maintenance

The machines that clean your dishes must be cleaned at regular intervals. Do you know that using a dishwasher means following some important rules?

Firstly one must use the dishwasher on a regular basis. The machine that is not used for weeks or months always finds difficulty in working properly.

The dishes should be cleaned of the food tit-bits before putting them in the dishwasher. This ensures that the food doesn’t get stuck in the crevices. The food particles lie there and let bacteria and mold build up. This build-up will reduce the performance of the machine. So, regular cleaning the insides of the dishwashers is a must. The filters and the pipe needs cleaning every month and let the waste be scrubbed out.

The holes inside the dishwasher machines get clogged so; a dishwasher cleaning powder can be added every month to unclog these fine holes and for the smooth working of the machine.

Even every few days an empty cycle can be run, and the hot water removes the accumulated dirt from the machine. Even the areas near the corners where water doesn’t reach have accumulated debris. This debris can be removed using a damp cloth. The gaskets need to be cleaned with a soapy solution to keep the machine free of air spaces. Thus, cleaning will definitely increase the life of the appliance.

  1. Microwave Maintenance

The microwave speedily warms your food. It is used on a regular basis, so it’s cleaning also requires so. But sometimes the mishandling of food bowl causes splatter all over the walls of the microwave. This food deposit needs to be removed using a good liquid soap and a sponge.

These spots may sometimes harden, so a bowl full of vinegar and water kept for 60 seconds can deep clean the microwave from inside. The longevity of the microwave depends on its usage. The microwave door should never be slammed for avoiding any damages.

The microwave should also never be run empty to avoid serious damages. Just in case you run into any emergency situation with your microwave running into some technical problem, there are a plethora of services for TX Appliance Repair in Dallas. Make sure you contact a reliable company to send their technician for the technical support. Appliance repair service companies offer support for most of the home appliances such as dishwasher, microwave, washing machine and refrigerator, etc.

  1. Electric Stove & Chimney Maintenance

Proper stove cleaningThe stove cook-tops need routine cleaning to keep them functioning well. The grime and dirt get accumulated with every use. Thus, the rigorous cleaning of the cook heads becomes mandatory. Soap and scrubber may be used to remove dirt and dried curry spots.

A wet sponge will shine and clean the cook-top. It is a quick cleaning regime which should be followed after every use. The gas jets should be clear of food particles; otherwise, the burnt food will clog the gas flow.

The electric chimney absorbs a lot of smoke and oil particles on a regular basis. They keep the kitchen clean and grime free, but the accumulated oil and grease makes the chimney dirty. This results in the inefficient working of the chimney.

Some natural ingredients work best to clean the kitchen chimney like dishwashing liquid, baking soda, and vinegar, salt, etc. so, simply remove the choked filter and put it in a big bucket full of dishwashing liquid and boiling water. Keep it for 1-2 hours and scrub properly to remove the grease.

  1. Coffee Maker Maintenance

A coffee maker is used daily so; its cleaning becomes an integral part of the kitchen cleaning routine. It is prone to germs and molds so, a thorough cleaning of the coffee jar with a mix of vinegar and water is a must every fortnight. The coffee maker should be flushed with hot water and cleaned.

With all this information handy, the appliances can be taken care of by routine cleaning. But it is true that following the best appliance cleaning routine also can’t stop all the repairs. So, ensure a clean and safe kitchen using all these tips as mentioned above and have a healthy living. And in case you feel it’s the time your appliance is just going to give up, call a technician to take a look and consult him for possible repair or replacement as required.

6 Reasons for Traveling in a Private Jet

November 30, 2018

Many people may be left wondering, why would you choose a private jet over all the other modes of transport? Well, there are many reasons why one would opt for a private jet but this does not mean that all the other modes of traveling are not worth it. On the contrary, each mode of transport has its advantages and appeals to different people.

Why Fly Private?

Everyone has their own story and reasons why they prefer flying in a private jet. Here are a few of the reasons you should consider on your next trip;

You determine your schedule

Most people who plan to go for a long distance trip would prefer it to be by air. This is mainly because it is faster and more comfortable. However, if you choose to go with a commercial airplane, you are required to book a ticket in advance. With this option, you have to be at the airport on time to make sure you are not left by the plane. They will not spend any extra time waiting for you to arrive. It does not matter whether or not you had the ticket, what matters is to be on time to board the plane before it leaves.

Times you wished you can afford a private jetOn the other hand, a private jet is a perfect option for someone who does not want to stick to a strict schedule. This is because you determine what hours you will be available to travel and in case of any adjustments to your plans you are able to implement them immediately without any worry.

Comfort while working

If you are going on a business trip to NewYork then a private jet will provide the ideal conditions for you to work. Being a private jet, you are assured of no layovers at any airport until you get to your destination.

It also provides silence, space, and comfort while working just as it would be in your own office. Being in such an environment will boost your productivity and make your investment in traveling by a private jet worth it.

You can also have your discussions with members of your staff or clients without worry of any sensitive information being overheard. You get to enjoy all the safety and freedom you want. This will help you prepare for any meetings you’ll be having once you land.

All this also translates to time well spent. Business executives are no longer concerned about making up for lost time during the flight. They have worked and held discussions during the flight.

Facilitates flexibility

You may be planning to go for a vacation on a remote island or a remote place that you don’t know how to access. Going with a commercial flight will not take you to that place you will have to get a rental car and drive all the way. However, enlisting the services of private aviation you are able to get to your destination provided there is a field where the jet can land. This saves you a lot of time that you would have otherwise wasted and money that could be used on your stay there.

Also being a business executive you may have some remote field offices that need to be checked on once in a while. This will need the services of a private jet to make the journey faster and more appealing to ensure efficiency in the work you do.

Top-notch services 

Once you are ready to book your private jet you get to talk to a customer service agent of the aviation firm. These people are trained in how to talk to clients and you can be sure they will help you all the way till you are done with their requirements.

When you get to the jet you will be traveling with competent pilots who have been vetted and have been doing this job for a period of time. With their experience in mind, you will rest easy and be sure that you will get to your destination safe and sound.

Such service providers make the whole journey more comfortable and enjoyable giving you an epic experience.

Time Saver

When going on a business trip, you are not able to take your family along and this can be very disheartening. If you decide to go by a commercial airplane then you can be sure to stay for a while before you get back home. However, a private jet will get you to your destination, and since during the journey you are able to get work done, you are well prepared in advance.

Having a bed inside your private jetThis will free up time for you to get back home and spend time with your loved ones. Helping you achieve a work-life balance to ensure none is affected.

Easily accessible 

It is without a doubt that going through the airport is a tiresome and daunting process. Going through the long queue, luggage check and the uncertain processes in the airport is not easy. It quickly becomes stressful and may affect your psyche for the trip ahead. However, private aviation companies have made it easier for people to quickly board their private jet after a quick search. You are even allowed a carry-on, some water or any other liquid and a pet if you have any.

Having seen how efficient traveling with a private jet is and how it adversely affects how much time we get to save, it is clear that this is a great option. If you have the means and the budget for a private jet, it is definitely worth the investment. At the end of the day, you get to accomplish more and increase your productivity.

Traveling by private jet definitely tops the list on the best ways to travel and save on time. Do your research on and get to know more about traveling privately.

The Problem with Steady Growth

September 12, 2018

More and more scientists, professors and philosophers alike are warning about the potential catastrophes that steady growth can lead to. They urge politicians, business people, and the average citizens to start questioning the exponential growth model upon which modern civilization is based.

What is Exponential Growth?

Exponential growth sounds simple enough. Most people learned about it in high school algebra class. It is not a complicated principle, but it is one that is often forgotten, to society’s detriment. It means that something is growing steadily; it’s increasing at a percentage rate. Any steady growth is exponential growth. If the population is growing at a rate of 1%, it is increasing exponentially. The only difference between a rate of growth of 1% and 10% is the doubling time.

For instance, if a population is growing at a rate of 1% per year, it will double in 70 years. If the population is growing at a rate of 10%, it will double in only 7 years. So, if there is a population of 1 billion people, growing at a rate of 1%, the population will be 2 billion in 70 years, 4 billion in 140 years, 8 billion in 210 years, and a laughable 16 billion in 280 years. In essence, the population has gone from 1 billion people to 16 billion in only 4 lifetimes, at a mere 1% growth rate.

Economic growth can come with a priceWhy is Steady Growth Bad?

The problem is that most of the economic and social systems that civilization depends on nowadays are based on exponential growth. High rates of growth are encouraged in the economy, in technological advances, in the size of communities, etc. It’s been taught through schools and the media, that the systems will flounder if they do not keep growing.

The problem is that there simply is not enough room for human systems to keep growing. The growth of the economy, technology and most everything else that people consider progress is running into very real physical limitations. They rely on the exploitation of limited natural resources. Unlimited growth cannot happen in a world with limited resources. Even the amount of space people have, the area in which people can move around is a limited resource. Therefore, exponential growth can be very dangerous.

To put the example above in real terms, our global population is currently 6.8 billion. It was only 3 billion in 1960. This is very alarming. The human species is now growing at a rate of 1.1%. So, in one lifetime from now, less than 70 years, the global population will be 13.6 billion. The median estimate that published works refer to as the carrying capacity of the Earth is 12 billion (Cohen). Meaning that, on average, most experts think that the world’s resources cannot support more than 12 billion human beings.

Economic vs Population Growth

However, it’s not only population growth that is alarming. It’s economic growth as well. It’s simply not feasible to have continued steady (exponential) growth of an economy based on material inputs and outputs in a world with limited resources. Yet, the media, politicians, and corporations continue to encourage the citizens to identify themselves as consumers. “Help the economy grow!” they exclaim. It is a safe conclusion to make that they don’t understand the exponential function within the context of real, planetary limits.

In conclusion, what could be considered the human race’s biggest challenge right now is to do exactly what everyone’s been told is bad: stop the growth. It’s time to balance out. The human race must now find an entirely new mode of existence. A mode of existence that involves keeping populations, economies and resource use at a steady (not growing-not shrinking) level; the ultimate balancing act.

Richard Durbin on Abortion

January 24, 2018

Dick Durbin IL

Richard Durbin on Abortion

Democratic Sr Senator (IL)

As an American male, there are those who would say I am not entitled to an opinion on this issue. I’m, in fact, mostly supportive of the impression that it is up to the woman in question to determine matters. I would have some input of course. I feel it is only right that the man who does the baby-making can at least voice his displeasure at that moment if it is necessary. But he can’t force her to take any course of action, any more than the government has rights to. We must first, however, determine why this debate has reached such caustic levels and what is wrong with the views on the extremes of this issue.

Of the first, the issue of children is of some importance to any society. The concern over their well-being, upbringing, and production is a matter of interest. But ultimately these are private concerns. Not national. Not public, private, individual problems. Each of us has a good deal of input into the decision to have children, and how we should like them raised, or the decision not to have children. Consequently, the debate revolves around an issue which at its heart concerns the future, our children, in some manner. Anytime we concern children; it is sure to stir up the storm. Such emotion has little place in this debate’s resolution, but it will not be ignored.

Of abortion, it can be said there are a number of reasons for a woman to want to have one. To preserve a figure or lifestyle, obsequiousness to the man’s demands, health concerns, rape, or simple timing considerations (career or a young age). Some of these are entirely legitimate reasons recognized by all but the most extreme involved. What is of note is that each represents a choice, perhaps not always the right one, but a choice nonetheless. Therefore, the side of pro-abortion is not pro-abortion at all, but rather pro-choice. Few very people would have us at the ridiculous presumption that all people should abort at any time for any reason. Given the often traumatic nature of the event, the depressing state of ‘losing’ a pregnancy for some, and whatever psychological/moral damage inflicted on a family, abortion is not to be taken lightly.

Concurrently, the opposing side is not pro-life, but anti-choice. Pro-life implies that the abolition of abortion is in some way defending life. While it is noteworthy that many would have the abortion as the murder of a fetus, this is not conclusive evidence that we are in someway ending lives.

Legal Requirements Embodied in a Contractual Offer

December 1, 2017

The contractual offer is the first half of what is known as mutual assent, which is required for all valid contracts. Mutual assent indicates the two parties have agreed to the same terms at the same time, according to Jeffrey A. Helewitz in his book titled Basic Contract Law for Paralegals, published in 2004. The other half of mutual assent is acceptance of the offer.

Requirements for an Offer in a Legal Contract

There are several specific requirements for a proposal to qualify as a contractual offer. First, there must be at least two parties, the offeror, and the offeree. In a contractual offer, the offeror makes a proposal to the offeree. Three conditions are necessary for a contractual offer. First, the offeror must have intended to enter a legal contract. Second, the offer must be communicated to the offeree. Lastly, the terms of the offer must be absolute and definite.

Contractual Intent

In a lawsuit, in order for an offer to be considered valid, there must be the contractual intent. All circumstances surrounding the proposal must be taken into consideration when determining if contractual intent did exist. It must appear to an objective, reasonable person that the offeror had intended to make an offer in order to be enforceable in a lawsuit. The seriousness of words and expressions used to articulate the proposal will be considered in a lawsuit concerning contractual intent.

Communication is crucial for both partiesCommunication to Offeree

An offer must be communicated to the offeree using effective means. Communication can be oral, written, or mechanical, according to Helewitz. It is the offeror’s discretion as to the exact method he or she uses to communicate an offer. However, legal contracts involving the sale of real estate or agreements lasting for a year or more must be in writing, according to All Business in an article titled “What Makes A Valid Contract?” The offer may be made to an individual or a group of people. Ultimately, the offeree must be aware of the offer in order to make a legal acceptance. Unless the offer is made in the form of an option, the offeror may revoke the offer at anytime before the offeree communicates acceptance, according to in an article titled “Offer and Acceptance.”

Certainty and Definiteness of Terms

There are several elements necessary for the terms of a proposal to be considered definite and certain in a lawsuit. First, the consideration of the offer must be stated in the offer, wrote Helewitz. Consideration is what one party receives in return for what the other party will do or receive. In most legal contracts, money is used as consideration. However, consideration can be anything of value, including services or property. Second, the subject matter of the consideration must also be specifically described, such as how much money or exactly what type of services or product. The parties to the offer must also be specifically described. Lastly, time of performance must be definite and clear.

When involved in a lawsuit it is important to understand the legal requirements of a contract, beginning with the legality of the contractual offer. Although there are only a few elements necessary for a contractual offer, these elements can be open to interpretation. The validity of a contractual offer may have to be proven using relevant evidence in some lawsuits. It is always a good idea to consult an attorney regarding disputes concerning a legal contract.

What the Government Does with Your Taxes

December 20, 2010

Anyone with a personal budget to balance knows how tricky it can be, and how easy to spend more than they’re taking in. Mortgage payments, electric bills, food and all the other essential expenses really add up, and on a limited income, this may not leave a lot for anything unnecessary. The government is no exception to this rule. The majority of what the government collects goes to defense, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other support programs. Depending on one’s perspective and political affiliation, some of these may not be considered necessary expenditures; however, millions of dollars are spent each year on various items and programs that may come as a surprise.

income tax formRepublican Congressman Eric Cantor launched the You Cut program to allow the public the opportunity not only to see what the government is spending their money on but also a chance to vote on what spending cuts they would like to see enacted. Here’s a short list of the winning cuts from previous weeks:

Prohibit “First Class” Subsidies on Amtrak: Amtrak loses more than twice as much per passenger for their “sleeper” class service as compared to coach class, and they receive federal tax money to make up for this. The cut would Amtrak to provide the service at cost and possibly save a billion dollars over ten years.

Reduce Government Employment to 2008 Levels: About 188,000 new employees have been hired by the federal government since 2008. This proposal suggests hiring only one person to replace every two who leave, saving $35 billion over ten years.

Prohibit Stimulus Funding for Promotional Signage and Recoup Previously Spent Funds: Highway signs have been put up across the United States letting citizens know about various projects that are funded by the stimulus. The signs themselves are thought to cost millions of dollars. The cut would prohibit any further spending and collect what has already been spent by reducing administrative expenses for the agencies equal to what they spent on the signs.

Sell Excess Federal Property: It was reported in 2007 that the federal government holds about $18 million in the unused federal property. Federal law typically requires that the property be offered to government agencies and state and local governments. With this cut, federal law would be changed to allow the property to be sold instead, with 80% of proceeds going towards the federal deficit.

In addition to allowing people to vote on that week’s choices, they are also encouraged to submit their own ideas for cuts. At the very least, it’s an eye-opening experience to see what else taxes pay for, and what a difference it could make to pay a little more attention to what could be saved and not just what needs to be spent.